Hydro Excavation for Rochester, MN

Excavation is a demanding process, but with state-of-the-art hydro excavation technology, an installation can be done safely and efficiently. When you partner with Rochester Plumbing & Heating/Roto-Rooter for your excavation project, you can take advantage of our comprehensive hydro excavation services in Rochester, MN and the surrounding communities.

With our hydro excavation capabilities, your project can be completed faster and with greater precision than ever. Our team of certified technicians are able to clear the way for any form of piping, underground structure, or general hole where necessary. 

hydro excavation rochester mn


How Hydro Excavation Works

Hydro excavation uses a high-pressure water jetting system simultaneously with a high-powered vacuum to remove the unwanted debris from the area. Sometimes water isn’t even introduced, and our vacuum truck does all the work! Our all in one jet/vac truck can handle almost anything we throw at it.

Generally, hydro excavation is used to break up soil and rocks with a primary pressure system into a slurry that’s then picked up by the secondary vacuum system and removed from the worksite with a tertiary storage tank. Hydro excavation is also effective when used for pipeline clearing and plumbing rehabilitation.

Underground Use

With Rochester Plumbing & Heating/Roto-Rooter, underground and topsoil excavation is a fast, painless process thanks to our powerful hydro excavation capabilities. With state-of-the-art hydro excavation pressure systems, pickup vacuums, and removal tanks, we clear the way for residential, commercial, and industrial underground systems without posing a risk to any pipelines or other fixtures in the vicinity.

For anything from industrial plumbing services to residential plumbing installation, hydro excavation in Rochester, MN, offers an efficient, safe way to remove soil, clean pipes, and clear the way for our team of skilled service technicians. To learn more about our comprehensive plumbing heating services, contact Rochester Plumbing & Heating at (507) 289-1613 for a FREE estimate or schedule your appointment today!

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